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My LinkedIn strategy for success
Posted 10:00:00 PM on Sat, 7th July 2012 by Dean Image #12

Not signed up to LinkedIn? Here in Australia it's well worth your time to join it. But you can't just create an account and start getting weekly phone calls. Here's some tips that work for me.

Fill out the whole profile,

but don't add details like age, gender, marital status, birth place, and cut out jobs past perhaps 10 years. Equal opportunity employers don't need these details so let your skills speak for themselves.

List skills,

but don't list everything you have touched. Just list the skills you want to be hired because of. So perl, linux, mysql, postgresql etc. Otherwise you will get calls for mono on solaris wasting your time and the recruiters.

Join lots of groups,

this builds associations, but not really good ones.

Add all your work colleagues past and present

as this is what will start getting phone calls.

Ask a few for recommendations.

These are like references, pick a few good ones to list on your profile.

Start adding recruiters.

Some recruiters pay to use linkedin so can find you regardless of connections, these will contact you out of the blue. (This is how linkedin makes money!) Others don't or pay less so can only see a limited number of links out through their connections.

Recruiters add each other and move around a lot, so add every recruiter you come across. Then add every recruiter your friends come across and recommend your friends to recruiters.

Also, if you refer friends ask the recruiter for a piece of the finders fee. They will usually begrudgingly send you a $50 gift card. Don't be shy - after all, you earned it!

Get up over 100 connections and beyond.

You want to be over 100 connections, once you are up in 3-400 connections you will be doing very well. Don't be sheepish in adding everyone you know, this isnt Facebook.

Add sales reps for your suppliers, and add people from the community that you know. Sales reps are great contacts because they are typically well connected to your competitors.

Don't do these things...

Don't have a goofy email address - is best. Don't add a photo, don't connect twitter (sure list a link to it, just don't have it tweet into linkedin), don't add the aforementioned irrelevant personal details. And again, don't list details you don't want to be recruit based on.

Be ready to relocate.

Your state and/or city may not be very attractive to companies. That may not sit well with your philosophies on life, wealth and prosperity, but it's the reality. On the other hand your state and/or city might be flooded with your skill set, so you can go elsewhere to become a more valuable commodity.

Based on that you should get 4-6 cold emails a month.
I do! Plus about 1-2 past recruiters. Some even call in to reception at my work place, wanting to offer me a job interview!

Final advice...

When recruiters call, insist on their clients company name, salary range and full job description. Anything else is a time waster. Google is especially bad at this, they will waste days of your time then offer you pittance if at all. Also, lots of start-ups who think they are the next Google will do the same. Typically they will also provide free soda, install video games on cheap flat-screens and throw around a few bean bag chairs - then cut your salary offer by $10k. So avoid them and don't be afraid to decline job offers if you don't like the feel of the company. Soda is cheap and after work go sailing or something, don't hang around at work playing video games! When the company offers they will offer less than their maximum so counter offer for 5-10% more , its far easier to get this now than it will be to get a raise later.


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